Off-Campus Camps

DiscoverE has a mandate to go where the kids are. We run camps all over Alberta, Northern British Columbia, Southern Saskatchewan and the Northwest Territories so we can reach as many youth as possible with our award winning programming, regardless of their location. To do this we send our highly trained staff for 1-5 days to different communities to run summer camp programming. 

Registration for some off-campus camps is now open!

Locations and camp descriptions for these camps that will be opening can be found below. All camps cost $275, except for camp weeks with a statutory holiday, which cost $225. Partial and full bursaries are available for youth in need. Our camps are designed for the stated grade ranges - please do not register your child in a camp outside their grade range. The grades listed indicate the grades the campers will start in September 2019.


Location: University of Alberta Augustana Campus


July 15-19 

 Grade 2-3   Astronaut Training 
 Grade 4-5   Captivating Chemical Engineering 

Fort McMurray

Location: École Dickinsfield School, 201 Dickins Dr


August 12-16 

 Grade 2-3   Astronaut Training 
 Grade 4-5   Fantastic Fauna 

Sherwood Park

Location: TBD


July 29 - August 2 

 Grade 2-3   Astronaut Training 
 Grade 4-5   Fantastic Fauna

Spruce Grove

Location: TBD


August 19-23 

 Grade 2-3   Astronaut Training 
 Grade 4-5  Fantastic Fauna 

St. Albert

Location: TBD


August 12-16 

 Grade 2-3   Astronaut Training
 Grade 4-5  Fantastic Fauna 


Location: Mildred Hall Elementary School, 5408 Franklin Ave 


 July 15-19 

 July 22-26 

 Grade 1   New Scientists   - 
 Grade 2-3   Astronaut Training   Fossil Finders 
 Grade 4-5   Fantastic Fauna  Earth Sciences 
 Grade 6-7   Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering   Survival 101 
 Grade 8-9   -   Nanotechnology & Electrical Engineering 

Stay tuned for more information about other locations!

Camp Descriptions

Grade 1

New Scientists

It is never too early to start learning about science! Young scientists will explore the world all around us with a glimpse into engineering, chemistry, environmental science and more!

Example project: campers will explore static electricity by making a tissue paper butterfly's wings flap using a balloon.

Grade 2-3

Astronaut Training

This camp is out of this world! Campers will explore how scientists study outer space, other planets, solar systems and stars.

Example project: campers will pretend to be ancient explorers and come up with their own constellation in the stars. They will make a model of it using space play dough and beads and create a backstory for their constellation.

Fossil Finders

Dive into the world of paleontology! Campers will learn about fossils, dinosaurs and how scientists today are learning about the Earth as it was millions of years ago.

Example project: campers will investigate how ancient life can be preserved in tree resin to create amber fossils. They will mimic this process by preserving a plastic bug and create their own amber fossil that they can take home.

Grade 4-5

Captivating Chemical Engineering

Come explore the captivating world of chemical engineering! Campers will explore the atomic building blocks of our world through hands on experiments and engineering-style design projects.

Example project: campers will use their knowledge and skills to identify five unknown substances. They will be given only distilled water, vinegar and phenolphthalein to use in a variety of physical and chemical tests to identify these mysterious substances.

Earth Sciences

Unearth information about the world around us! Campers will delve into geology, geography and meteorology to discover more about what makes up the planet we call home.

Example project: campers will learn about topography and how scientists map our planet. They then will build their own 3D topographical maps of somewhere of their choosing using salt dough and paint.

Fantastic Fauna

Discover some of the incredibly unique animals that live all over the world! Campers will explore a variety of creatures from some of the smallest animals that live in the ocean to mammals that live in the desert.

Example project: campers will explore the habitat and eating habits of owls by dissecting owl pellets. Owls tend to swallow their prey whole. Some parts (like fur and bones) are hard to digest and are regurgitated as a pellet.

Grade 6-7

Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering

Welcome to the world of mechanical engineering! Campers will investigate what a mechanical engineer does, and some of the different industries that a mechanical engineer can work in, including aerospace technology.

Example project: campers will learn about the difficulties of space travel and design a lunar lander equipped with shock-absorbing landing gear that can keep two marshmallow astronauts safe during landing.

Survival Science

Do you have the skills to survive? Investigate what can be done with everyday materials in order to survive in extreme situations and locations, from the Arctic to a deserted island.

Example project: campers will design a shelter big enough for one camper to fit in. There will be environmental factors to take into account in the design and testing criteria in order to determine if the shelter is successful for that particular environment.

Grade 8-9

Nanotechnology & Electrical Engineering

Get excited about the worlds of electrical engineering and nanotechnology! Discover what electrical engineers do, from nanotechnology to computer design and more!

Example project: campers will explore electricity, circuits, insulators and conductors by making circuits out of unconventional materials like play dough.