Intro to Coding

The World's First!

DiscoverE is pleased to announce the creation of the world's first free online coding course designed for youth and by youth. This course is delivered by four Girls Coding Club alumni who are extremely excited to share their love of code with the world! Our goal is to inspire and empower course participants to be technology innovators.

Register for the online coding course

Join us for seven weeks of engaging content designed to introduce basic coding skills using Scratch. Go at your own pace to design, create, and invent interactive games while exploring the many ways that computers and coding impact the world around us!

While the course has been developed through DiscoverE's Girls Coding Club initiative, this course is open to participants of all genders, ages, and backgrounds- no previous experience required!




Intro to Coding in Schools

As with all of DiscoverE's initiatives, our Intro to Coding course is directly liked to Alberta Education Learning Outcomes for Science and Math.

The course is offered under Creative Commons, and is free to be used by schools. Teachers and school administrators are warmly invited to use this massive open online course (MOOC) to teach computer science to children in their classes.

If you have any questions about our MOOC, please contact us by email at