Saturday Camps

Registration for Winter Saturday Camps is now open!

Fun at DiscoverE continues into the school year with our Saturday Camps. Our Saturday Camps run on the University of Alberta's North Campus between September and April, with one session in the Fall and one session in the Winter. All of our camps are designed to get youth excited about STEM and to foster mentorship.

The registration cost is $275 per camp. Bursaries are available.

Camps meet for three hours on ten consecutive Saturdays at the University of Alberta's North Campus. There will be no camp on October 12th due to the Thanksgiving long weekend and February 15th due to the Family Day long weekend. For campers that would like to participate in both morning and afternoon camps, lunch time supervision will be provided.

All of our camps will showcase projects and programs that your children will not have seen in past DiscoverE camps or clubs.

Saturday STEM Camps

In our STEM camps, participants engage with a variety of concepts relating to science, technology, engineering and math through fun and interactive hands-on activities and challenges. Participants will develop practical skills and gain experience with problem-solving, all while completing fun activities that encourage a lifelong interest in STEM fields. Our Saturday STEM Camps also provide mentorship opportunities, inviting experts from science and engineering fields into the classroom and providing tours of laboratories on campus when applicable.

Saturday Tech Camps

In our Tech camps, participants engage with various software, hardware and technical components of modern computers and programming languages. Previous coding or technical experience is not necessary, as participants will build an understanding of technology fundamentals throughout the program. For those with previous experience, there is lots of opportunity to grow their knowledge base and practice their skills. University students will provide one-on-one mentorship, and facilitate visits by computing science experts.

Winter 2020

Saturday STEM Camps

Grade 4-6, Future Earth

Throughout the ten weeks, participants will explore the possibilities of Earth in the year 2050, and learn how scientists and engineers will contribute to the future of Earth! Participants will do this through engaging and exciting hands-on projects that allow them to explore the fields of STEM.

Example Project: Campers will learn how to filter salt water into fresh water to help solve a simulated drought.

Grade 7-9, Mechanical Engineering

Each week, participants will engage in a variety of hands-on projects that explore the field of mechanical engineering. Participants will develop an understanding of this engineering field through fun and engaging activities and see what a career in mechanical engineering could be!

Example Project: Campers will construct a windmill power generator that can light up a LED bulb.

Saturday Tech Camps

Grade 4-6, Pathways to Python

Participants will learn the basic principles behind Python and create codes that develop their programming knowledge and skills. They will build on problem-solving skills and solve challenges through fun and engaging activities.

Example Project: Campers will use Python to program a "Create Your Own Pet" game.

Grades 7-9, Power of Python

Participants will explore the programming language of Python and learn about careers related to the field of programming. Participants will engage in a variety of activities and challenges, which will connect principles of the Python programming language to fun and engaging coding challenges.

Example Project: Campers will learn about interfaces and displaying graphics by creating a Cookie Clicker game using Python coding.

Winter Schedule

Camp runs from January 25th to April 4th. Due to the statutory holiday, there will be no camp on February 15th.

Saturday STEM Camps

Saturday Tech Camps

Grade 4-6
Grade 7-9
Grade 4-6
Grade 7-9

9:00am - 12:00pm

Future Earth (All Girls)
Mechanical Engineering Pathways to Python
Power of Python (All Girls)

1:00pm - 4:00pm

Future Earth Mechanical Engineering (All Girls)
Pathways to Python (All Girls)
Power of Python