A DiscoverE volunteers reads a book to a group of young campers.


Volunteer Opportunities



Are you a professional, undergraduate student or graduate student in the science, technology, engineering or math (STEM) fields? Mentors can volunteer to present their experience in the STEM fields and answer any questions kids might have. Mentors help inspire and educate our participants about the potential fields they could go into one day.

We are looking for mentors that will be featured on our social media platforms and/or future activity boxes. If interested, we will send you a form to fill out that contains a few questions related to you or your company's work.

Additionally, there is an option of making a video to put on our social media! If you would like to create a video, your options include:

  • Filming a tour of your facility or workspace (if applicable) and additionally answering a few questions we provide you.
  • A video of yourself answering questions we provide.
  • Any other video ideas you have that showcase your work such as a demonstration or "a day in the life" - feel free to let us know!

All videos being posted would have a duration of 3 to 6 minutes. After filming, send it to us and we will compile and edit the clips for posing to our social media.

If you are interested and want to find out more about this rewarding and engaging experience, please email devc@ualberta.ca.



Activity Box Volunteers

Activity Box Volunteers help pack activity boxes on campus in preparation for its launch! Current packing dates available are February 16-19, 2021.

There will be two cohorts - one group for morning shifts (9 AM - 12 PM) and one for afternoon shifts (1 PM - 4 PM). You cannot volunteer for both the morning and afternoon. However, you are able to come in for as many days as you like!

If you are at least 18 years old and would like to be an Activity Box Volunteer or have any questions, please email devc@ualberta.ca.



Remote Engagement Volunteers

Remote Engagement Volunteers prepare materials for our activity boxes. The prep work and materials would need to be picked up and returned by a certain date!

To connect with our community in a fun and engaging way online, Remote Engagement Volunteers also have the opportuntiy to create 3 to 6 minuate science demo videso to put on our social media platforms! Video options include:

  • A science demo. We would provide you with the demo and the script!
  • Create a personal video. Pitch us an idea of a video you would like to create! Some ideas include:
    • Science debunking videos - talk about the science behind activities (such as cooking, sports, singing, etc).
    • Talking about activities that you love to do and tie them to engineering and science
    • Make a reacting video responding to science videos that are trending and discuss what is going on!
    • Introduce your pets and talk about some fun facts. (For example, if you are introducing your pug you can talk about fun facts about pugs!)
    • If you like going for walks, take us on one!
    • Talk about why you love STEM and DE!
    • Talk about who you admire in the STEM fields
    • Mini TEDtalk - is there something you love and know a lot about?
    • For all the filmmakers out there, what about a stop-motion movie?

After filming, send it to us and we will compile and edit the clips for posting to our social media platforms.

If you are interested in volunteering and connecting with participants online, please email devc@ualberta.ca.