Office of the Dean

Senior Administration

Fraser Forbes
Dean of Engineering
Phone: 780-492-3596

Jason Carey
Associate Dean (Programs & Planning)
Phone: 780-492-0501

Don Raboud
Associate Dean (Student & Co-op Services)
Phone: 780-492-6711

Tim Joseph
Associate Dean (Student Conduct)
Phone: 780-492-3810

Ying Tsui
Associate Dean (Research & Internationalization)
Phone: 780-492-3192

Ania Ulrich
Associate Dean (Outreach)
Phone: 780-492-8293

Valérie Bélisle
Assistant Dean (Advancement)
Phone: 780-492-4123

Luanne Currie
Assistant Dean (Operations)
Phone: 780-492-5925

Stephen Heipel
Assistant Dean (Reputation)

Lynne Roberge
Executive Team Lead / Assistant to the Dean of Engineering
Phone: 780-492-3596


Valerie Belisle
Assistant Dean, Advancement
Phone: 780-492-4123

Kyla Amrhein
Director, Advancement
Phone: 780-492-4114

Jackie Lewyk
Associate Director, Advancement
Phone: 780-492-7167

Ashley Davis
Associate Director, Advancement
Phone: 780-492-3529

James (Zhaowei) Wang
Assistant Director, Advancement
Phone: 780-492-8969

Ian Michael Smith
Assistant Director, Advancement
Phone: 780-492-0812

Alumni Services
(i.e. change of address)
Phone: 780-492-7050

Finance & Human Resources

Kathleen Edwards
Executive Director, Operations
Phone: 780-248-1579

Andrea Anthony
Director (Finance)
Phone: 780-492-8462

Lynne Roberge
Executive Team Lead / Human Resources (Academic)
Phone: 780-492-3596
Fax: 780-492-0500

Doris Riedner
Finance Coordinator / Team Lead
Phone: 780-492-2366

Lori Oosterhoff
Team Lead - Research Finance
Phone: 780-492-6641


Stephen Heipel
Assistant Dean (Reputation)

Kiann McNeill
Executive Director (Reputation)

Winston Pei
Digital Content Strategist

Nicole Winski
Creative and Design Lead

Audrey French
Media Producer

Facilities and Technology

Keith Franklin
Director (Facilities & Technology)
Phone: 780-492-1486


Software Engineering