Check out these awesome demonstrations from DiscoverE volunteers and staff! Have you ever been curious about 3D printing and how it works? Have you ever wondered about phototropism and the plants in your garden? Find out all the info you need from our educational videos below!

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How do 3D Printers Work?

Meet Jack: 2nd Year Mechanical Engineering Student, 3D Printing Guru
How do 3D printers work? In today’s video, Jack shows us around DiscoverE’s 3D printers and explains the components of the printer and how they work together to print any design you want.


What are Harmonics?

Meet Garvin: Engineering Student, UofA, A Frequently Fantastic Instructor!
What are harmonics? In this demonstration, Garvin talks about harmonics and explains how the frequency of sound waves changes the pitch and tone of guitar notes.


What is phototropism?

Meet Madeleine: DiscoverE Team Lead Programming, The Nicholas Cage of DiscoverE
In this bilingual demonstration, Madeleine talks about the needs of plants and explains how phototropism works using her own kitchen garden!

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