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Dongyang Li



Chemical and Materials Engineering

About Me

Dr. D.Y. Li is a Professor at Dept. of Chemical & Materials Eng., University of Alberta. His interests of research include surfaces and interfaces, material design, tribo-materials, nano-materials, and computational materials science. Dr. Li obtained a B.Sc. in Solid Mechanics from University of Science and Technology China, a M.Sc. in Solid-State Physics from Zhongshan University, a PhD in Materials Physics from University of Science and Technology Beijing, and a PhD in Metallurgical Engineering from McGill University. Before joining U. of Alberta in 1998, he worked as a postdoctoral fellow at the Pennsylvania State University (1995–97). He is an Adjunct Professor in the Dept. of Biomedical Eng., U. of Alberta, a visiting professor and scientist in several foreign institutes (Singapore, USA, Japan) during his sabbatical years, and a foreign doctoral advisor at the Harbin Inst. of Tech. and a 100-Talents Program Awardee (Shanxi, China). He is on editorial board for 10 technical journals. Dr. Li has in excess of three hundred and thirty publications, including more than two hundred and ninety refereed journal publications.


The research areas of Dr. Li cover a wide range of topics, including material design, surfaces & interfaces, wear and corrosion, and computational materials science. His research team is devoted to investigation of the electronic origin of material properties and development of novel methodologies for material design and modification, using both experimental and computational/theoretical approaches. The alternative models and principles are applied to high-performance industrial materials for various applications, e.g., materials having high resistances to wear, corrosion, and corrosive wear, and functional materials as well.    

Keywords: Materials Physics; Surfaces & interfaces, Wear, Corrosion, Tribo-materials, Nanostructured materials, Computational materials science, Functional and Bio-materials