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Marnie Jamieson, MSc

Industrial Professor in Chemical Process Design


Chemical and Materials Engineering


  • Leveraging sustainable design, life cycle, risk, and project management - from innovation and strategic implementation through responsible operation to planned reclamation. Engineering projects inherently alter our world; thus, balancing the net social benefit equation is critical to a sustainable future.
  • Applying design principles and process control concepts to engineering education with a special interest in blended learning and project courses with industrial partnerships.
  • Developing assessment methods to measure higher level cognitive and affective domain functions associated with engineering education learning objectives in complex open ended design project courses.
  • Applying thermodynamics and phase behavior to novel and standard design projects.


  • CHE 435/465 Blended Learning Project
  • Integrative teaching of engineering, team development, project management, design, sustainability, economics, safety, risk and loss management in complex real and sometimes wicked problems.
  • Facilitation of Engineering Mentorship by maintaining and growing partnerships with industry, research, business, and student communities to connect people, projects and foster innovation and sustainable design.
  • The application of CEAB graduate performance criteria to course and program design.
  • Blended learning support for active and open ended learning.