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Ray DeCorby



Electrical and Computer Engineering


Research Interests

My research involves the design and fabrication of microphotonic devices, with a view towards integration of optical devices on silicon electronics platforms. The long term goal is the monolithic integration of complex optical functionalities (light sources, detectors, spectrometers, amplifiers etc.) with silicon CMOS, microfluidic, and MEMs circuitry. To date, the work is mainly concerned with the development of new optical materials, new microfabrication processes, and new optical devices. Key themes include light emitting materials, high index contrast waveguides, microcavities, and photonic bandgap devices.

Current Research

Current research activities are focused on integrated hollow (air core) waveguides. These waveguides have potential applications to lab on chip systems, as well as for signal distribution on chips and chip-based atomic physics studies. New approaches for the fabrication of these waveguides using standard silicon-based thin film materials are under development. Potential applications under study include:

  • Chip-scale spectrometers based on tapered hollow waveguides, and their applications within lab-on-chip systems.
  • Chip-scale optical interconnects using silicon-based hollow waveguides with good optical confinement, low bending loss, and low signal delay.