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Tim Weis, PhD

Industrial Professor


Mechanical Engineering

About Me


Ph.D. in Sciences de l'environnement

Université du Québec à Rimouski, 2011

M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering

University of Alberta, 2002

B.A.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering (with Environmental Engineering Option)

University of Waterloo, 1999


My work has focused on renewable energy with a particular interest in wind energy and remote community wind-diesel hybrid applications. Prior to joining the University of Alberta, I spent much of my career focused the interactions of technology, policy and business for renewable energy, including working for the Pembina Institute, the Canadian Wind Energy Association and the Government of Alberta. I am cross-appointed to the Centre for Applied Business Research in Energy and the Environment (CABREE) in the School of Business as the Executive Director of Electricity Research, where I am working on questions around the evolution of Alberta’s electricity market as it transitions off of coal to an increasing role for renewable energy, including the role for energy storage, wind energy price impacts and policy modelling.


  • Weis, T.M. and Ilinca, A. (2009) Assessing the Potential for a Wind Power Incentive for Remote Villages in Canada, Energy Policy
  • Weis, T.M., Ilinca, A. and Pinard, JP, (2008) Stakeholders’ Perspectives on Barriers to Remote Wind-Diesel Power Plants in Canada, Energy Policy
  • Weis, T.M. and Ilinca, A. (2008) The Utility of Energy Storage to Improve the Economics of Wind-Diesel Power Plants in Canada, Renewable Energy
  • Weis, Tim, Thibault, Benjamin and Miller, Byron (2016) Chapter 15: Alberta’s Electricity Future, in First World Petro-Politics: The Political Ecology and Governance of Alberta, edited by Laurie Adkin, University of Toronto Press
  • Weis, Tim (2014) Chapter 12: The Potential of Clean Energy for Equity in Remote Communities in the North in Ensuring a Sustainable Future: Making Progress on Environment and Equity, edited by Jody Heymann and Magda Barrera, Oxford University Press