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Vinay Prasad, PhD

Professor, Associate Chair - Graduate Program


Chemical and Materials Engineering

About Me

My degrees are in chemical engineering and my research training is primarily in process control and systems engineering. I have academic experience in India, the USA and Canada and industrial experience in India and the USA.


My research focuses on process systems engineering, including multiscale modeling, process estimation and monitoring, advanced control and optimization. The analysis of complex systems based on machine learning, data mining and graph/network-based approaches is of particular interest. The application areas of the research include chemoinformatics, real-time monitoring of complex reacting mixtures, reservoir engineering, froth flotation, biomass conversion, heterogeneous catalysis, CO2 capture and microalgal processes.

Keywords: Process Control, Process Systems Engineering, Machine learning, Data analytics, Big data, Reaction engineering, Chemoinformatics, Reservoir engineering, Froth flotation, CO2 capture