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Yong Li, PhD

Assistant Professor


Civil and Environmental Engineering

About Me


  • Ph.D. (2014), Structural Engineering, University of California, San Diego, USA
  • M.A. (2013), Applied Mathematics, University of California, San Diego, USA
  • M.S. (2009), Civil Engineering, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China
  • B.S. (2006), Civil Engineering, Beihang University, Beijing, China

Professional Experience:

  • 2017.01 - present, Assistant Profesor, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada
  • 2015.01 - 2016.12, Postdoctoral Researcher, University of California, San Diego, USA


Research Interest:

Dr. Li is fascinated in developing and applying (1) mechanics-based advanced structural models, and (2) probabilistic and statistical methods to engineering risk/reliability problems in the field of structural engineering. This serves to assist decision-making in the process of probability-based design, retrofit, and maintenance of a wide range of structures (e.g., concrete bridges, masonry buildings, steel structures and pipelines, etc.) in the face of uncertainty. He is also interested in inverse engineering problems (e.g., structural design optimization in earthquake engineering, nonlinear FE model updating using field-recorded and experimental data). Specifically, his research interests include:

  • Mechanics-based nonlinear FE modeling and simulation
  • Stochastic modeling of loads and structural deterioration
  • Risk and reliability analysis for various structures (e.g, concrete, masonry, steel, pipelines)
  • Earthquake engineering
  • Nonlinear system identification and FE model updating

Selected Refereed Journal Publications:

  1. Su, L., Wan, H.P., Li, Y., Ling, X.Z., "Soil-pile-quay wall system with liquefaction-induced lateral spreading: experimental investigation, numerical simulation, and global sensitivity analysis," Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering, 2018.
  2. Li, Y., and Conte, J.P., "Probabilistic Performance Evaluation of Seismic Isolation System for California High-speed Rail Prototype Bridge," Journal of Structural Engineering, 2018.
  3. Li, Y., and Conte, J.P., "Probabilistic Performance-based Optimum Seismic Design of Seismic Isolation for California High-speed Rail Prototype Bridge," Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics, 47(2), 2017.
  4. Astroza, R., Ebrahimian, H., Li, Y., and Conte, J.P., "Bayesian Nonlinear Structural FE Model Updating for Damage Identification of Civil Structures Subjected to Unknown Inputs," Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing, 93, 2017.
  5. Li, Y, Huang, S., Lin, C., Gu, Q., and Qiu, Z., "Response Sensitivity Analysis for Plastic Plane Problems based on Direct Differentiation Method," Computers and Structures, 182, 2017.
  6. Li, Y., Astroza, R., Conte, J.P., and Soto, P., "Nonlinear Finite Element Model Updating and Reconstruction of the Response of an Instrumented Isolated Bridge Subjected to the 2010 Maule Earthquake," Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics, 46(15), 2017.
  7. Gu, Q., Liu, Y., Li, Y., and Lin, C., "Finite Element Response Sensitivity Analysis of Three-dimensional Soil-Foundation-Structure Interaction(SFSI) Systems," Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Vibration, in press, 2017.
  8. Li, Y., and Conte, J.P., "Effects of Seismic Isolation on the Seismic Response of a California High-Speed Rail Prototype Bridge with Soil-Structure and Track-Structure Interaction," Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics, 46(15), 2016.
  9. Li, Y., Conte, J.P., and Barbato, M., "Influence of the Time-Varying Frequency Content in Earthquake Ground Motions on Seismic Response of Linear Elastic Systems," Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics, 45(8), 2016.