Department of Mechanical Engineering

Graduate Studies


Our graduate curriculum is comprehensive, spanning a range of different disciplines, including solid and bio-mechanics, thermo-fluids, robotics and controls, aerosol science, engineering and project management, optimization. Such a variety of disciplinary strengths gives rise to opportunities for transdisciplinary research and graduate students often work on a variety of topics within their research groups. The key strengths of our graduate programs in Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Management include robust levels of research output, excellent training opportunities, including professional development training, and high-quality employment outcomes post-graduation. Students in the Master of Science (MSc) and doctoral (PhD) programs are treated as "junior colleagues in research," and supervisors provide a tailored combination of autonomy and guidance in developing the good scientific judgment, critical thinking, and communication skills necessary for success. Our Master of Engineering program provides targeted training to those individuals wishing to expand and advance their knowledge of core and specialized concepts in Mechanical Engineering or Engineering Management. In fostering a robust community of interdisciplinary scholarship and achievement, we work to support a broad range of student backgrounds, learning styles, and student aspirations.

Application Deadlines:


International Students
Fall: April 1
Canadian Students
Fall: April 1

MSc/PhD (thesis based)

International Students
Fall: March 15
Winter: July 15
Canadian Students
Fall: May 15
Winter: September 15

Program Manual

Students admitted July 2019 and Later

Students admitted Sept. 2017 and Later

Students admitted before Sept. 2017

Graduate Program Events

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