MEng Capstone (MEC E 910)

Completion of the capstone project requires submission of a capstone report. Two readers, including a capstone supervisor, must approve the M.Eng. project report. There is no oral defence.

A capstone project topic and supervisor should be selected once other degree requirements, such as coursework, are substantially completed.

The sequential procedure for completing the capstone project is outlined below. Importantly, you must be registered in MEC E 910 in the academic term in which you complete and submit the capstone report.


Step 1: Read the MEng Capstone Guidelines

Step 2: Select a project/supervisor(s)

A list of open capstone topics and prospective academic supervisors is shown in tabular form below. A student may also propose a capstone topic directly to a prospective academic supervisor. In the exceptional circumstance that no academic supervisor can be found through either of the above methods, the department chair or associate chair (graduate) may appoint an academic supervisor.

Project Supervisor(s) Date
Development of Hourly Remote Community Load Simulator for Renewable Energy Integration Tim Weis April 9, 2020
Implementation of a robust/non-linear sensor fusion technique for inertial
navigation systems
Hossein Rouhani Feb 3, 2020
Cost modeling of hybrid 3D printed casting process Ahmed Qureshi July 1, 2018
Lifecycle modeling of hybrid 3D printed casting process Ahmed Qureshi July 1, 2018
Sustainability analysis of plasma additive manufacturing Ahmed Qureshi July 1, 2018
Process capability analysis of additive manufacturing processes Ahmed Qureshi July 1, 2018
Design for additive manufacturing analysis of products Ahmed Qureshi July 1, 2018
Buoyancy-driven flow in porous media Morris Flynn July 1, 2018
Droplet coalescence in presence of electric and magnetic field
Prashant R. Waghmare July 1, 2018
Dynamic Behavior of Defense Materials James Hogan July 1, 2018
Designs of microfluidics for health applications Peichun Amy Tsai July 1, 2018
High-speed imaging of drop impact dynamics Peichun Amy Tsai July 1, 2018
Heat transfer applications using nano-materials Peichun Amy Tsai July 1, 2018
Life cycle analysis of green braided composites Jason Carey July 1, 2018
A Low-Cost Interrogator for Fibre-Bragg Gratings for Machine Health Monitoring Michael Lipsett July 1, 2018
Acoustic Emissions for Estimating Abrasive Wear in Pipelines and Process Equipment Michael Lipsett July 1, 2018
Dynamics of Coupled UAV Operations: Hovering while Tethered Michael Lipsett July 1, 2018
Structured Analysis and Design of a Robotic Method for Painting Watercolours Michael Lipsett July 1, 2018
Comparative Assessment of Remote Methods for Assessing Mine Haul Road Condition Michael Lipsett July 1, 2018
Development of Case Studies in Engineering Entrepreneurship and Leadership Michael Lipsett July 1, 2018

Supervisors: To add a project to the above table, please email

Step 3: MEC E 910 Registration

After a capstone project has been selected, please complete the following registration form: (MEC E 910 Registration form pdf). Once the form is completed, please return it to the MEng Graduate Assistant (contact details below).

Step 4: MEC E 910 Completion

Once you have completed and submitted your capstone report, it will be reviewed and approved by your supervisor(s) and an independent ``second reader,'' selected by your M.Eng. supervisor. Once all necessary revisions have been made, the supervisor and second reader will sign the (MEC E 910 Completion Signature form) indicating formal satisfaction of the capstone project requirements and successful completion of MEC E 910. The signed form must be submitted to the M.Eng. graduate assistant along with a final copy of the capstone report.

MEng Graduate Assistant contact information:

Serena Pike
Phone: 780 - 492 2950

MEng Graduate Advisor contact information:

(For inquiries and assistance regarding course selection, IDP requirements and approval, and capstone report marking, students can contact the MEng Advisor)
Dr. Christopher Dennison
10-372 Donadeo Innovation Centre for Engineering