Engineering Headshave raises $10K

    Dean Forbes faced some bald, er, bold competition in the 14th-annual Engineering Headshave in support of the Alberta Cancer Foundation.

    By Staff on November 28, 2017

    (EDMONTON) It was an epic showdown to be remembered.

    The reigning champ, Faculty of Engineering Dean Fraser “The Razor” Forbes thought his title as top fundraiser would go unchallenged in the annual Engineering Headshave to benefit the Alberta Cancer Foundation.

    Clearly, he wasn’t expecting upstart Samer “The Hammer” Adeeb, acting chair of Civil and Environmental Engineering, to challenge the title, just days before the event. But challenge he did, and the upstart came out on top. Even Adeeb says he was a little surprised by his own success.

    The fundraising goal in the 14th annual Engineering Headshave was $10,000. Forbes set a personal target of $1,000 and raised $2,745. In a remarkable turn, Adeeb set his own personal goal at $1,500 and, when he heard that Forbes has easily passed that, Adeeb dropped the gauntlet and publicly challenged Forbes, with a “help me beat our dean” email plea to staff, faculty and others.

    Almost immediately, Adeeb netted a generous gift of $500 from RJC Consulting. It was followed by two more $500 gifts from anonymous donors. The rest followed quickly and Adeeb wound up netting $4,000 for the Alberta Cancer Foundation.

    The overall $10,000 goal was in spitting distance, thanks to third-place finisher “Raging Rick” Pastula—who raised $1,370—and a handful of other brave (and now bald) students, staff and faculty. Seizing the opportunity to cross the 10K finish line, Adeeb agreed to auction off his beard to the group gathered in the solarium to watch the proceedings. The catch: he would shave the whole thing for $200, but for $400 he’d leave half a beard on his face for the rest of the day.

    The crown ponied up, Adeeb had half a shave, Forbes and Patsula maintained their dignity and lost (with their hair) the pink hair dye they had acquired in advance of the event, and the Foundation now has $10,000 more to invest in cancer research and patient care in Alberta. The 14-year total raised by the Engineering Headshave is more than $400,000.

    A note to Samer Adeeb for next year: dying your hair pink in advance of the Headshave will increase your donations significantly.