Awards and Accolades - April 2022

29 April 2022

Student Success

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Congratulations to Robinpreet Dhaliwal and Raiya, Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering and Team 10: HTL Bio-oil production for 1 GW power generation on winning first place at the Students For Canada’s (SFC) inaugural Research Festival!


Faculty Excellence

Congratulations to the Department of Civil Engineering’s Trina Cattral, a grad student advisor who was awarded the 2022 Recognition Award in the Non-Academic Staff Category! Trina has been serving the university for 32 years, thank you Trina and congratulations!

Congratulations to Post Doctoral Fellow, Mitchell Grams, Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering for receiving the Henry Granjon Award in the category C (Design and Structural Integrity)! Grams will be attending the formal award ceremony during the Opening Ceremony at the International Institute for Welding (IIW) in Tokyo in July 2022.

For Mitchell, this was a continuation of his passion for “finding solutions to problems that people haven’t thought about.”

Abdulhakem Elezzabi, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering on the development and successful funding of PulseMedica, a startup company working to develop real-time imaging and femtosecond laser system for treating retinal diseases including age-related macular degeneration (AMD). PulseMedica secured $2.6M in early-stage funding. Congratulations to Abdulhakem and Dr. Nir Katchinskiy, Pulse media CEO.

Umme Rima and Nicholas Beier, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering received Editors’ Choice in the Canadian Geotechnical Journal for their paper Effects of seasonal weathering on dewatering and strength of an oil sands tailings deposit.

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