Graduate Admissions

If you currently hold a degree in Engineering or a related field and are considering a entering a Master's or Doctoral program, the Faculty of Engineering offers both Master's and Doctoral degrees through its five departments: Biomedical Engineering, Chemical and Materials Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering.

Please see our Programs page for a full list of the degrees that we offer.

Applying for Admission

Contact the department offering the area of study you are interested in. Individual departments may have variable application and entry dates, as well as different application procedures. For more information on the different graduate programs, consult the department's graduate studies sites:

Please note: All graduate students are registered in the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research regardless of your area of study. Please visit the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research for additional information regarding applications to graduate programs and other information about graduate studies at the University of Alberta.

International admission agreements

The University of Alberta has signed agreements to co-sponsor international student admission into several U of A graduate programs. The agreements promote collaboration in a variety of fields. See International Admission Agreements for details.