Master of Engineering, Engineering Management (Accelerated)

Prepare to take the next step in your career

There has never been a better time to invest in your future. Our Master of Engineering in Engineering Management program gives you the skills you need to move forward.

Young engineers are facing a triple threat of global economic turmoil, the disruptive impact of the COVID pandemic and a highly competitive job market.

To be successful, new and early-career engineers need to turn themselves into uncommonly equipped team leaders capable of navigating through uncertainty.

The Masters of Engineering in Engineering Management degree—being offered in an accelerated one-year vitual format for the 2020-21 year only—helps you become an indispensable part of any engineering leadership team.

Proactive professional development

“There’s a lot of competition for engineering jobs right now, and this degree puts you ahead of others,” says Engineering at Alberta professor Jason Carey. “It helps you develop specialized skills that aren’t part of the undergraduate program—skills that it would take you years of work in the profession to attain.”

Carey says the MEng degree will help working engineers position themselves for greater responsibility and leadership roles.

“There are a lot of engineers working from home right now, or who have been temporarily laid off, who need to prepare themselves for the next challenge, for the next leadership position--and this is the way to do it,” he said.

Internationally recognized credentials

With the current global economic storm and the impending retirement of many senior engineers in Canada, the 12-month MEng program is your best opportunity to build a competitive advantage.

International students don’t need a study visa, because the MEng program is delivered virtually this year. Completion of the degree also gives students who earned their undergraduate engineering degree outside of Canada recognized academic credentials required on your path to practicing engineering in Canada.

Technical skills, leadership development, networking

The MEng program helps you build skills across engineering disciplines, with courses in advanced project management, leadership skills development, risk management, economics, and using artificial intelligence in industrial settings.

“We are preparing students for the future—to put them ahead of where industry is moving,” said Carey. “Most decisions today are made based on experience. But with artificial intelligence, data analysis and advanced statistical methods, you’ll have the tools that help you identify trends and patterns that lead to better decisions.”

Valuable one-on-one supervision

A key component of the degree is a capstone research project. Students can use this assignment to dig into a work-related project, or they can approach prospective employers for research needs. Supervising professors also have industrial contacts who may have projects they need help with.

The full virtual delivery of this program will include opportunities for students to broaden their professional networks and work in teams. It is also available globally. Lectures and discussions will be recorded and made available to students no matter where in the world they are.


  • For the 2020-21 year only: an accelerated one-year time frame, delivered virtually
  • No visa required for international students
  • Gives international students key academic credentials that bring them a step closer to practicing engineering in Alberta and Canada
  • The program includes activities that qualify for professional development credits from the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA)
  • Builds advanced technical skills that aren’t taught in undergraduate programs
  • Develops indispensable new skills that employers are looking for

Course Details

  • Applied project and risk management, ethics, engineering reliability, and economics for upper management and leadership decision making
  • Use of data analytics and artificial intelligence for critical decision making in industry
  • Capstone project on industry-linked/applicable to current employment projects, or design, research, or topics of high interest to students
  • All engineering disciplines are welcome
  • Please note that for international students, the 1-year accelerated MEng will not help to fulfil requirements for a work permit following graduation

Course Outline

Fall 2020

  • ENGG 600 - Engineering Ethics and Professionalism (can be taken in either Fall or Winter)
  • CIVE 601 - Analytical Methods for Project Management
  • CME 694 (Advanced Topics) - Quantitative Risk Assessment
  • CME 694 (Advanced Topics) - Advanced Data Analytics for industry

Winter 2021

  • ENG M 540 - Introduction to Optimization Models and Algorithms
  • ENG M 620 - Engineering Economic Analysis
  • ECE  720 (Advanced Topics) - Artificial Intelligence for Industrial Application

Spring/Summer 2021

  • ENG M 514 - Reliability Engineering
  • ENG M 632 - Project Risk Management
  • ENG M 670 (Special Topics) - Technical Communications for the Masters of Engineering Program

Capstone project

Admission requirements

An undergraduate engineering degree from an accredited post-secondary institution, specific requirements can be found through the Faculty of Graduate Studies & Research (FGSR) website. Please note that the accelerated program will also take professional experience into consideration during the admissions process.

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