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We know that the world has changed since you applied to Engineering at Alberta—but we’ve quickly evolved along with it to ensure you can still get the degree you want. We remain equipped and are ready to provide you with an exceptional, accredited engineering education, virtually, or in person. Yes, the world has changed, but an Engineering at Alberta education remains the best investment you can make in yourself and your future.



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What can I expect in a virtual learning experience?

You’ll learn from professors who care deeply about teaching.

You will virtually attend lectures with your classmates, be able to ask your professors questions (in real time), and attend virtual office hours. Aside from your scheduled lectures, your time is your own. You are given the freedom to work through asynchronous content at your own pace, and complete assignments as you would with ‘in-person’ learning.

There’s plenty of support available to you. Aside from virtual office hours, your course teaching assistants (TAs) will be available to help, as usual, with any questions you have. Our Engineering Student Success Centre (ESSC) is operating virtually, providing one-on-one help with math, physics, and chemistry. Before midterm and final exams, the ESSC provides you with review sessions and practice exams held in an environment similar to that of the real exam.

Engineering at Alberta is aware that hands-on, collaborative experiences are some of the most important aspects of an engineering career. We’re working hard to ensure your virtual experience with group work, engineering design, lab work, and even tutoring is nothing short of exceptional.

We’ve already had experience with virtual teaching and learning as our professors and students in March of this year made the switch—4,565 undergraduate and 1,638 graduate students, including 2,214 international students—completed the winter term in a virtual learning setting.

How do I accept my admission offer?

Visit the Accept Your Offer website for everything you need.

I’m not sure about my ability to handle math and sciences at a university level—is there support? How can I get ready?
You can sign up for the services offered through the Bridge2ENGG program.
Can I still study engineering virtually if the university returns to in-person classes in the fall?

Yes. All of our students, international or domestic, will be supported with virtual learning, accessible online. We are fully operational to support our students and to provide the best learning experience we can, wherever you are.

What kind of academic support can I expect?

Our Student Success Centre is fully operational. Students will have access to free one-on-one tutoring in the virtual learning landscape. More than 30 engineering teaching assistants are online and providing help in math, engineering physics, and chemical engineering.

I’m an international student. Can I get paid professional job experience through the Engineering Co-op Program?

Yes. You can take an engineering job anywhere in the world—even your home country—to fulfil your co-op requirements. The normal requirement of meeting standard spoken English proficiency still applies.

What is the “Qualifying First Year?”
In addition to learning fundamental knowledge common to all fields of engineering during your first year of studies with us, you’ll gain a fuller understanding of the engineering profession, opportunities available to engineers, and the various engineering disciplines. Our students share the same curriculum in the first year, then decide which engineering path they want to pursue as they shape their future career.