Lasers help produce vivid medical images


Modern medical technology allows us to "see" and treat disease in a new light. Roger Zemp is developing new techniques for medical imaging and drug delivery.

The approach:

Zemp is capturing vivid images of tissues so detailed that it is possible to map a tumour vessel by vessel. A laser beam is aimed at the tumour, the tumour heats and expands and Zemp and his team use ultrasound technology to capture extremely crisp images. They are also exploring the notion of loading cell-sized 'micro bubbles' with genetic therapies or drugs, delivering them to a specific site and 'popping' them with ultrasound waves, ensuring targeted delivery and reduced side-effects.


Photo-acoustic imaging eliminates radiation exposure of X-rays, and could help in earlier diagnosis of diseases like breast cancer; targeted drug and genetic therapies can be delivered with greater certainty and drastically decreased side effects using new technology Zemp is developing.

Roger Zemp

Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering