Building Tomorrow

C5MPT industry partners are involved in educating a new generation of engineers who thrive in interdisciplinary research environments and are capable of integrating knowledge across disciplines, working in teams, understanding industrial needs and addressing problems from an engineering systems perspective. C5MPT creates an exceptional education and learning environment that meets the continuing demand for highly skilled engineering professionals.

Major goals of the overall research program are:.

Goal 1: Establish Alberta as a leader in responsible resource development. The research conducted by C5MPT will demonstrate that our energy resources can be developed in a way that maximizes economic gains and minimizes environmental impacts..

Goal 2: Provide the science and understanding needed for commercialization of clean technologies that will allow the sustainable development of our natural resources. The knowledge obtained and the technologies developed will move Canada forward on the path to significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions and limiting water use in industrial processes..

Goal 3: Establish an exceptional training environment in the science that underpins new technologies for mineral processing and carbon management. In the coming years, these technologies will be in great demand in industry, as will be the people who can understand and implement them. C5MPT will supply the necessary personnel at all levels of education in engineering and related fields, including highly qualified undergraduates, graduate students and postdoctoral fellows..

Goal 4: Maintain Canada at the forefront of advanced clean and zero-emission technologies. Our work will advance Canada's reputation as a "clean energy superpower"..

Goal 5: Develop advanced technologies for coal and minerals beneficiation, efficient utilization of energy resources and carbon dioxide capture and sequestration. The goal is to achieve higher efficiencies and reduce GHG emissions from the processing of our mineral and energy resources..

Fundamental Science

With over $21 million in start-up funding, leading-edge equipment and facilities and internationally respected researchers, we are pursuing the fundamental scientific discoveries that are essential for sustainable development of our natural resources. Our open innovation practices enable industrial partners to use these discoveries to develop commercial application of breakthrough technologies. .

Our research themes cover:.

  1. Clean Coal/Carbon
  2. Mineral Processing Technology
  3. Geological Storage of CO2
  4. Hydrocarbon Processing