A Novel Stimulant Responsive Polymer for Mineral Processing and Dust Suppression

Direct Applicability to Industry:

Inefficient methods of the separation of minerals and gangue has plagued industry for many decades. Now that finer grinding is required to utilize lower grade ores, the challenges to industry are increasing. This is costly to industry and environmentally destructive.

Nature of Problem:

Fundamental understanding of the interfacial electro-chemistry and bubble-mineral interaction mechanisms of fine particle flotation in complex aqueous media in situ is necessary to address industry challenges.

Financial and Environmental Impact:

Being able to retrieve more valuable minerals from tailings, preventing loss of minerals in dust and using less water or being able to reuse water are all economically and environmentally sound goals.

Lead PI: Qingxia Liu

Co PI(s): Marek Pawlik, Zhenghe Xu

Students: Mohammed Ghuzi, Chongdan Luo