Chang Liu, MSc, EIT

PhD Student

Thesis Project:

Equipment Management Performance Measurement Using Data-Driven Analysis


Chang Liu is currently a PhD Student in the Hole School of Construction Engineering at the University of Alberta.


Liu C, Ji W, AbouRizk S, and Siu MF. "Equipment logistics performance measurement using data-driven social network analysis." Journal of Construction Engineering and Management [in press].
Siu MF, Liu C, Wales R, and AbouRizk S. (2017). "Operation effort optimization for planning performance-based snow-removal projects." Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering, 31(6): 04017060.
Liu C*, Ali M, AbouRizk S. (2018). "Markov Chain-based long-term prediction of equipment usage from historical data." Proceedings of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering 2018 Annual Conference, GC61.