Emad Mohamed, MSc

PhD Student

Thesis Project:

Risk Management and Assessment of Non-Electrical Energy Infrastructure


Emad graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering from El-Shorouk Academy, Cairo, Egypt (2010), and received his MSc degree in Construction Engineering and Management from Cairo University, Egypt (2014). He worked as a construction management teaching assistant for El-Sherouk Academy in Cairo, Egypt (2010-2015), and later worked as a research assistant at a strategic research unit within the National Water Research Center, Egypt (2016). Emad joined the construction simulation group at U of A as a graduate research and teaching assistant in January 2017.


Jafari P, Mohamed E, Ali M, Siu MF, AbouRizk S, Jewkes L, and Wales R. (2018). "Reaction time optimization based on sensor data-driven simulation for snow removal projects." Construction Research Congress 2018, 482-491.

Mohamed E*, Jafari P, Siu MF, and AbouRizk S. (2017). "Data-driven simulation-based model for roadway operation and maintenance projects." Proceedings of the 2017 Winter Simulation Conference, 3323-3334.