Integrated Data Analytics-Simulation Framework for Proactive Assessment of Safety Performance

A method for enhancing the ability of managers to proactively control safety performance.

04 June 2018

Safety is not disconnected from, and is often affected by, other project components. Indeed, data that are not traditionally associated with safety performance may uncover more effective policies and procedures.This research has addressed these limitations by developing an integrated, data analytics-simulation system capable of using data from various departments to proactively control safety performance.

Industrial Contributions:

  • Departmental data can be used to identify safety-related measures that influence safety performance.
  • The proposed method can support managers in making better project decisions from the perspective of improved project safety performance.

Associated Publications:

  • Pereira E, Han S, and AbouRizk S. (2018). "Integrating Case-Based Reasoning and simulation modeling for testing strategies to control safety performance." Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering, 32(6): 04018047.

  • Pereira E, Hermann U, Han S, and AbouRizk S. (2018). "Case-Based Reasoning approach for assessing safety performance using safety-related measures." Journal of Construction Engineering and Management, 144(9): 04018088.

Investigator: Estacio Pereira
Project: Simulation-Based Analytics for Industrial Construction
Industrial Partner: PCL Constructors Inc.