MEng Reports

Bokenfohr, Craig   Foundation Design for a Residential House in Leduc County, Alberta
Shah, Fazli   Field Tests of Axial Capacity of Drilled Displacement Steel Piles
Delara, Saeed   Frost Generation in Canadian Railway Tunnels
Long, Matthew   Cross-flow Filtration of Tailings
Reich, Ben   Rate of Landslide Movement to Factor of Safety
Shehzad, K.   Examination of Internal Stresses in Debris Flow Using DEM Modeling
Tavakolian Bana, Hamid   Behaviour of Railroads Over Soft Soils
Askew, Kim   Remedial Measure to Infill a Conduit at the Base of an Earthfill Dam Compaction Grouting Program
Brekon, Cam    Analysis of a Natural Slope Using the Shear Strength Reduction Method
Russel, James   Process Analysis of Rockfalls with Stationary Terrestrial LiDAR and RockFall Analysis
Dhaliwal, G.
  Impacts of Global Warming on Structures in Permafrost and its Prevention
O'Brien, Francis   Slope Movements by Blocks on Horizontal Bedding Surfaces
Trapp, Donald   Quality Control Testing for Construction of a Zoned Embankment Dam: Practical Considerations and Recent Experiences
Tun, Lwin
  Fluid Content Determination Using Troxler (Nuclear Density Test Method) at Different Temperature Range
Mahmood, S.
  Stabilizing Soft Cohesive Soils for Human Traffic
Islam, Nafisul
  The Role of Cation Exchange on the Sedimentation Behavior of Oil Sand Tailings
Saleem, M.
  Geotechnical Issues of Calcareous Soils
Dharmadas, Suresh   Updated Synthesis on the Application of Pressure Pulse Technology for Remediation of NAPL Contaminated Sites
Constantinescu, Eric
  An Assessment of Surpac for Developing a Geological Model for the Little Chief Landslide Upstream of Mica Dam Columbia River Valley, British Columbia
Kelly, Shane A.   Sliding at the Kopetski Landfill Quesnel, British Columbia
Langer, Adam P.
  A Comparison of the Standard Penetration Test and Cone Penetration Test Performed in Loose Oil Sand Tailings
Mohib, Khuram R.
  Nordamage: Study of Progressive Failure and Constitutive Modelling in Oil Sands
Morgan, James
  Performance of the Soil Nail Walls in the Cut-and-cover Section for the City of Edmonton SLRT Extension Project
Murray, Carrie
  Crack Monitoring Data for Turtle Mountain, Crowsnest Pass, Alberta: Historical Summary
Campbell, Lane
  Stability Analysis of the West Slope of the Oldman Dam Reservoir
Reske, Jason T.
  Geotechnical Aspects of Design for a Temporary Embankment Dam Founded on Clearwater Clay Shale
Heung, Kin-Man
  A Study of the Undisturbed Sampling of Loose Unsaturated Granular Soils on Old Fill Slopes in Hong Kong by In Situ Ground Freezing
Ryzuk, Paul
  Modeling and Prediction of Seepage into Tunnels in Hard Rocks
Zhang, Chunhua
  HDD Water Wells in River Sediments
Corkum, Andrew G.
  Discrete Element Analysis of 731 Block, Revelstoke Dam Project
Gillis, Scott
  Evaluation of a Cross Hole Seismic Method for Detection of a Grout Permeation in an Outwash Sand
Gudina, Simon
  Design and Development of an Experimental Apparatus to Simulate the Physical Behaviour of Geomembranes under Large Earth Pressures
Ryan, James A.
  Performance of the Anthony Henday Drive Test Fill, Edmonton, Alberta
Yang, Daniel
  Vibratory Ground Improvement in Loose Sands Against Liquefactions
Yang, Paul
  Soil Improvement Using Deep Mixing Method (DMM)
Kong, Vivian
  Long-term Pile Load Test Performance from the Short Range Radar Site Foundations