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Geomechanics of CO2 Sequestration in Coalbed Methane Reservoirs

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Intrinsic bioremediation of BTEX at cold temperatures

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Instrinsic bioremediation of chlorinated hydrocarbons at cold temperatures

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Predicting Capacity of Helical Screw Piles in Alberta Soils

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Coupled Sedimentation and Consolidation

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High Water Content Sludge Dewatering Via Freeze Thaw

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  Fundamental Behaviour of Composite Tailings
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The MacKay River Terrain Analysis and Landslide Inventory

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Triaxial Testing on Very Loose Sands for Flow Liquefaction Analyses

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  Applications of the New Austrian Tunnelling Method in Urban Areas
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Assessment of Deformation Monitoring in Tunnels Excavation in Weak Rock by Model Tests

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  Performance of Seepage Measures Beneath Earth and Rockfill Dams on Pervious Soil Foundation
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  Measured and Predicted Performance of Deep Excavations in Edmonton Till
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  A High Pressure Simple Shear Apparatus
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  Investigation of Tunnel Stability by Model Tests
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  Field Measurements in Two Tunnels in the City of Edmonton
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  Moisture Transfer in Freezing Soil
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  The University of Alberta Pressuremeter
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  Model Studies for a Friable Sandstone
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  An Investigation of the Edgerton Landslide, Wainwright, Alberta
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  Water Flow Induced by Soil Freezing
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  An Analytical Study of the In-Situ Deformation of Rock 
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  Foundation Investigation Using Pressuremeter
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  Fractured Rock Subjected to Direct Shear
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  High Pressure Triaxial Testing of Saskatchewan Silt and Bearpaw Shale
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  Comparative Aspects of Five Piezometer Designs
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The Lesueur Landslide, Edmonton, Alberta

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  Flow Analysis through Non-homogeneous Soils by Computer
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  Comparison of Soil Suction and One-Dimensional Consolidation Characteristics of a Highly Plastic Clay
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  Model Pile Behaviour in a Clay Soil
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  Technology of Some Alberta Soil Series
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  A Further Study of Cation Effects on the Physical Properties of Clays
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  An Investigation of the Stabilization of Several Sands and a Sandstone from Alberta Using Portland Cement
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  Moisture Migration in Soils
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  A Study of the Effects of Cyclic Freezing on a Clayey Gravel Stabilized with Additives and the Influence of these Additives on Permeability
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  Experimental Concrete Pavements in Alberta
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  Volume and Strength Changes in Soils Due to Frost Action
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  Cation Effects on Clay Properties