PhD Theses

Meles, Daniel T. Application of Tire Derived Aggregate as Highway Embankment Fill Material
Abazari, Ehsan Foam Tailings: A New Methodology of Stabilization of Tailings
Agharazi, Alireza Development of a 3D Equivalent Continuum Model for Deformation Analysis of Systematically Jointed Rock Masses
Azmatch, Tezera F. Frost Heave: New Ice Lens Initiation Condition and Hydraulic Conductivity Prediction
Lim, S.S. In Situ Stress Magnitude and Core Disking
Macciotta, Renato Quantitative Risk Assessment of Natural and Cut Slopes: Measuring Uncertainty in the Estimated Risks and Proposed Framework for Developing Risk Evaluation Criteria
Mineneh, A. High Stress Flow Behaviour and Constitutive Modeling of Dry Granular Materials
Moussavi Nik, Reza Application of Dewatering Technologies in Production of Robust Non-Segregating Tailings
Pham, Hoang Nam Heat Transfer in Waste-Rock Piles Constructed in a Continuous Permafrost Region
Tran, D.T.Q. Re-Visitation of Actual Evaporation Theories
Nicksiar, Mohsen Effective Parameters on Crack Initiation Stress in Low Porosity Rocks
Zambrano-Narvaez, Gonzalo Design, Deployment, Performance and Assessment of Downhole and Near Surface Monitoring Technology for Geological CO2 Storage
Kim, Tai-Hoon Landslide Hazard Assessment, Town of Peace River, Alberta
Holden, Alexander Geochemical Evolution of Tailings Seepage
Iwakun, O. Subsurface Behavior of Spilled Fuel in a Permafrost Environment
Jeeravipoolvarn, Silawat Geotechnical Behavior of In-Line Thickened Oil Sands Tailings
Miller, Warren Comparison of Geoenvironmental Properties of Caustic and Noncaustic Oil Sand Fine Tailings
Shin, Seung Woo Excavation Disturbed Zone in Lac Du Bonnet Granite
Alzo'ubi, Abdelkareem The Effect of Tensile Strength on the Stability of Rock Slopes
Gu, Fagang Reservoir and Geomechanical Coupled Simulation of CO2 Sequestration and Enhanced Coalbed Methane Recovery
Guo, Chengmai Rapid Densification of the Oil Sands Mature Fine Tailings (MFT) by Mircrobial Activity
Hosseini, Amir Probabilistic Modeling of Natural Attenuation of Petroleum Hydrocarbons
Mansour, Mohamed Characteristic Behaviour of Slow Moving Slides
Mihiretu, Yetimega Fundamentals of Segregation
Shin, Seung Woo Excavation Disturbed Zone in Lac du Bonnet Granite
Sivrikoz, Ayca Enhanced Oil Recovery Modeling Using a Pressure Pulse-Geomechanical Black Oil Simulator
Yang, Juwen Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling of Deposition of Oil Sand Slurry into Mature Fine Tailings
Alostaz, Moh'd Improved Ultraviolet Induced Fluorescence (UVIF) - Standard Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) System to Detect Petroleum Hydrocarbon Contaminants
Armstrong, James Variability in Groundwater Monitoring Data Used to Assess Natural Attenuation of Hydrocarbon Contamination at Upstream Oil and Gas Facilities
Bala, Gurpreet Singh Discrete Finite Element Method for Continuum Discontinuum Analysis
Bunce, Chris Risk Estimation for Railways
Cho, Namkak Discrete Element Modeling of Rock: Pre-peak Fracturing and Dilation
Kyaw Win, Soe Moe Mechanisms and Kinematics of Three Translational Slides Along the North Saskatchewan River Valley, Edmonton
Stianson, Jason A Three-Dimensional Slope Stability Method Based on Finite Element Stress Analysis and Dynamic Programming
Wang, Xiaobo Geotechnical Analysis of Flow Slides, Debris Flows and Related Phenomena
Cho, Namkak Discrete Element Modeling of Rock: Pre-peak Fracturing and Dilation
Eshraghian, Arash Hazard Analysis of Reactivated Earth Slides in the Thompson River Valley, Ashcroft, British Columbia
Karim, Masud Three-Dimensional Discrete Element Modeling of Tunneling in Sand
Keegan, Tim The Rycroft Landslide Dam on the Saddle River, Alberta
Abdelaziz, T. Strength Mobilization in Stiff Clays and Weak Rocks
Corkum, Andrew G. Non-Linear Behaviour of Opalinus Clay Around Underground Excavations
Jimenez Gomez, J.

Geomechanical Performance Assessment of CO2 - For Geological Storage Projects

Su, Xueqing Pore Pressure Response and Shear Behaviour of Shear Zones in Weak Rocks Near Fort McMurray
Azam, Shahid Solid-Liquid Separation of Laterite Slurries
Elkateb, Tamer M. Quantification of Soil Heterogeneity
Clementino, R. Feasibility of CPT Applied to Horizontal Directional Drilling in Continuous Boreholes
McKenna, Gordon Sustainable mine reclamation and landscape engineering
Mazurek, Kerry

Scour of Clay by Jets (joint with Water Resources Engineering)

Zhang, Guangwen Estimation of Liquefaction-Induced Ground Deformations by CPT and SPT based Approaches
El-Ramly, Hassan Probabilistic Analyses of Landslide Hazards and Risks: Bridging Theory and Practice
Li, Hua (Matt) The Family of Compaction Curves For Fined-grained Soils and Their Engineering Behaviours
Qiu, Yunxin Optimum Deposition for Sub-Aerial Tailings Disposal