CaRRL is an example of partnership, integration and joint venture among the public and private sectors and academia. The collaborative nature of the CaRRL partner organizations is truly distinctive. It speaks to the shared values and interests of the railway industry, academia and government, to garner resources to develop and evaluate scientific, technical and methodological solutions to support and enhance the Canadian railway industry's ability to manage the risk associated with ground hazards and extreme cold climates. The open collaboration found in the CaRRL is unique, strategic and innovative. It clearly demonstrates that combining and sharing resources builds research momentum and allows for best practices to become standard in industry, creating a superior system for other countries to follow.

Our Industry Partner Organizations:

Association of American Railroads - Transportation Technology Center Inc.

Canadian National

Our Academic Partner Organizations:

Transportation Technology Center Inc.

Texas A&M - Texas Transportation Institute

University of Illinois - RailTEC

Virginia Tech - Railway Technologies Laboratory

University of Alberta

Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Faculty of Engineering

Our Government Partner Organizations:

Alberta Innovates - Technology Futures

National Research Council Canada

Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada

Transport Canada