Research Updates

The following are brief two-page Research Updates prepared by CaRRL student researchers.

An Introduction to the Canadian Rail Research Laboratory


  • Fracture toughness of three rail steels at temperatures ranging from +23 to -40oC
  • Estimating Rail Stresses using Rolling Vertical Rail Deflections
  • 2015

  • Canadian Main Track Train Derailment Trends from 2001 to 2014
  • Evaluating Vertical Track Deflections for Mapping Soft Subgrades
  • Base Resistance of Wood Ties in Two Ballast Materials
  • Quantifying the Effect of Ballast Quality on Track Geometry
  • Ultrasonic Leakage Detection for Air Brakes
  • Landslide Risk and Resilience for Rail Operations in the Thompson River Valley near Ashcroft, British Columbia