Modular equipment skids can be arranged in several process flow configurations, allowing subsequent additions and/or exchange of process modules and/or equipment such as pilot thickeners, vacuum belt filters, filter presses, etc. as required in the future. The OSTRF includes provisions for the delivery, handling, storage and processing of such materials as: tailing sand, MFT, total tailing slurries and tailings water. Several processing techniques are available to manufacture tailings to required specifications, including preparation of:

  • High density composite tailings (CT) from beach sand and MFT
  • Low density CT from Hydrocyclone U/flow and MFT
  • Hydrocyclone de-sanded fine tailings for flocculation thickening
  • Engineered tailings at specified sand/fines ratios and % solids, from beach sand, water and MFT

Tailings Storage Tanks

The plant has appropriate storage facilities, including an MFT storage tank (12 m3), whole tailings tank (12 m3), composite tailings tank (2.6 m3) and a fine tailings tank (7.9 m3). Each tank is also equipped with multi-purpose piping, progressive cavity slurry pumps, valves, instrumentation, comprehensive process controls and a computer-based data storage system.


Process Water Tanks

Two process water tanks (7.1 m3) equipped with steam educator-spargers can heat moderate amounts of water to 40-50 oC with steam.


Tank Agitators

The whole tailings, fine tailings and composite tailings tanks are equipped with 155 rpm (20 hp) agitators to ensure tailings can be mixed and homogenized.


Rotary Mixer/Screen

A precision weight-loss-feed-hopper with belt-feeder, multi-purpose rotary mixer/screen with paddle-mixer-pump-box may be used to process tailings, including

  • Removal of oversize from tailings before pipelining
  • Mixing beach sand with MFT to prepare heavy CT
  • Mixing and screening a variety of tailings streams to prepare engineered tailing mixtures
  • Mixing overburden clays with tailings streams


Composite Tailings

The composite tailings tank is equipped with a 2.5” DIA configurable hydrocyclone, weight-loss coagulant feeder and an agitator to allow preparation of an assortment of engineered tailing mixtures from various tailings streams and coagulants.


Settling Columns

Processed tailings can be deposited in two large, instrumented settling columns (813 mm ID x 4700 mm tall), each equipped with 18 surgical sampling points and connected to a central computer-based data storage system.


Deposition Flume

Processed tailings may also be deposited into a re-configurable ‘flexi-flume’ deposition cell, allowing several potential depositional configurations. A 2-m long rheological section is also provided to enable hydraulic-friction-loss measurements for tested mixtures prior to deposition.



Critical slurry pipelines are equipped with Coriolis-type mass flow meters, which provide simultaneous measurement of temperature, density and mass flow as well as inferred measure of volumetric flow.