Reservoir Geomechanics Research Group


Under the stewardship of Dr. Rick Chalaturnyk, our facility and programs attract top researchers from around the globe. With a focus on research excellence using cutting edge technology, our facility provides training and research opportunities for undergraduate students, MSc and PhD students, Post Doctoral Fellows, Research Associates, and Technicians.



  Rick Chalaturnyk Principal Investigator
  Nathan Deisman Research Associate
  Gonzalo Zambrano Narvaez Research Associate
  Stephen Talman Research Associate
  Jun Xiong Research Associate
  Kevin H Post Doctoral Fellow
  Alireza Rangriz Shokri Post Doctoral Fellow
  Juan Alejandro Arias Buitrago PhD Student

  Amir Hossein Haghi PhD Student
  Ehab Hamza PhD Student
  Abeer Heikal PhD Student
  Shenglong Jia PhD Student
  Abel Sanchez Juncal PhD Student
  Reza Keshavarzi PhD Student
  Masoud Khademi PhD Student
  Alireza Khani PhD Student
  Lang Liu PhD Student
  Chuan Lu PhD Student
  Saeed Nazary Moghadam PhD Student
  Sebastian Lopez Saavedra PhD Student
  Marzieh Salami PhD Student
  Angel Sanchez PhD Student
  Xiaoyan Teng PhD Student
  Noga Vaisblait PhD Student
  Xinkui Wang PhD Student
  Bo Zhang PhD Student
  Steve Zheng PhD Student
  Susan Lizeth Sarmiento Navas Masters Student
Boyang Du Masters Student
  Nathalia Ardila Angulo Research Technician
  Jakob Brandl Lead Mechanical Design Engineer
  Cecilia Guzman Financial Administrator
  Keivan Khaleghi Experimental Design and Safety Coordinator
  Seungjoo Lee Research Technician
  Hope Walls Research Admin and Safety Coordinator
  Yazhao Wang Centrifuge Facility Coordinator
  Gilbert Wong Senior Research Engineer