NSERC Industrial Research Chair in the Industrialization of Building Construction


Welcome to the website for the NSERC Industrial Research Chair (IRC) in the Industrialization of Building Construction, which is housed within the University of Alberta's Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

The Chair's research program focuses on industrializing and modernizing the construction process. This involves transferring onsite construction activities into offsite facilities in which construction tasks can be automated, regulated, and tightly controlled within a climate-controlled environment. The transition to industrialized construction improves quality, boosts efficiency and productivity, enhances the health and safety of workers, reduces costs, and reduces the environmental footprint of construction.

Click here to hear a CBC Radio story featuring the IRC that aired on Edmonton AM in September, 2019.

The Chairholder, Mohamed Al-Hussein, is also Professor at the University of Alberta's Hole School of Construction Engineering, and is a highly sought researcher with expertise in the areas of modular and offsite construction, lean manufacturing, construction process improvement, CO2 emission quantification and reduction, and building information modelling (BIM). Dr. Al-Hussein has been published in well over 300 peer-reviewed articles in leading journals and conference proceedings.

Mohamed Al-Hussein


Dr. Mohamed Al-Hussein

University of Alberta
Hole School of Construction Engineering
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
7-295 Donadeo Innovation Centre for Engineering
Edmonton, AB T6G 1H9
Phone: 780.492.0599
E-mail: malhussein@ualberta.ca