NSERC Industrial Research Chair in the Industrialization of Building Construction

Additional Partners

The research carried out in collaboration with the IRC industry partners forms the hub of the IRC research program. The chairholder also works with additional partners on projects which are complementary in respect to the work of the IRC.

Additional Partners


Cadsoft has been providing software solutions to the residential building market since the late 1980s. Envisioneer the flagship product was developed to help transform the building industry through its easy-to-use 3D Building Information Modeling (BIM). Cadsoft offers one simple and powerful core technology (Envisioneer) with seamless, integrated best-in-class third party solutions for the entire design-estimating-construction process. “BIM for everyone” is not just a tagline; it is a mission statement. With one simple model, an initial design concept from a designer or home owner can be shared and distributed throughout the entire home building process. Automation and the elimination of costly redesigns as the home advances through the process are just some of the benefits of the software. The power of “BIM for everyone”—from home owner to supplier and manufacturer—can streamline the process, just as it has for many other companies worldwide.

EPCOR Water Services Inc.

EPCOR Water Services Inc. owns, operates, and maintains the wastewater collection system servicing Edmonton, Alberta. Their wastewater network in Edmonton includes sanitary, storm, and combined sewer pipes, manholes, pump stations, stormwater lakes and ponds, catch basins, outfalls and related infrastructures. To maintain these assets, EPCOR performs various preventive and reactive programs and activities such as inspection, cleaning, condition assessment, minor repairs, and provides relevant customer service.

The IRC brings together a diverse consortium of industry partners ranging from construction owners, to general contractors, suppliers, developers, equipment service companies, trade associations, and public sector organizations.

IRC Partners

Additional Partners