Stony Mountain Plaza

Integrated Construction and Energy Management System for Affordable Housing in Fort McMurray

PhD Students: Tanzia Sharmin & Xinming (Sherry) Li

Research Engineer: Ahmad Alrifai

Partner Companies: Integrated Management & Realty, Cormode & Dickson, TLJ Consultants, Hydraft Development Services

Time Period: May 2011 - April 2015

Summary: This project involves energy management during the occupancy phase for a 106,600 sq ft multi-family residential facility in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada. This facility comprises two 4-storey buildings constructed out of wood-framed modules. These modules were prefabricated in Lethbridge, Alberta, then transported to the site for installation. All other construction activities, such as site services and foundation, were carried out on site while the modules were being fabricated and transported.

Phase 1: Construction

Lethbridge Factory

Fort McMurray Site

Phase 2: Energy Management


Sensor-Based Monitering and Control

The suites contain sensing devices to monitor indoor air quality, water temperature, water usage, electrical usage and heat transfer through the building envelope. The information is sent to the management system, which in turns sends the data to the research team's server for analysis. The objective of this research is to optimize the integrated energy management system based on the occupant energy usage data.

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