All Weather Windows

Post Docs: Dr. Amin Komeili & Dr. Jacek Olearczyk

PhD Student: Xinming (Sherry) Li

Partner Company: All Weather Windows Ltd.

Time Period: Nov. 01, 2014 to April 30, 2015

Summary: All Weather Windows Ltd. (AWW) is Canada's largest privately owned window and door manufacturer. The manufacturing line contains numerous stations where workers are exposed to potentially high risk work environment. Workers manually lift heavy weights, push/pull window frames, and perform over-shoulder tasks such as positioning glass in tall frames. Depending on the components weight, the way they are handled, the repetition of these manoeuvers as well as the number and duration of the breaks taken by the workers, their musculoskeletal system might be at risk of work-related disorder such as low back pain (LBP).and activity.

To assess the workers performance and determine the potential causes of these injuries this project aims to engage the principals of ergonomy in the design of workstation with the purpose of reducing the risk of LBP and constructing a safer working environment. To do so, the high risk activities are identified in the apex production line and corrective measurements are applied based on ergonomic analysis. The ergonomic amendments could be as simple as practice corrective body movements and posture or it could be a more intricate solutions such as machinery development and alteration of working station design. The effectiveness of the ergonomic amendments is investigated by simulating the modified workstation in ergonomy software, experimental tests, conducting surveys, and studying the reduction rate of incident reports.


Over-shoulder activities


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