Kruger Concrete Products

BIM-Based Intelligent Design and Drafting System for Precast Concrete Building Panels

PhD Student: Hexu (Leo) Liu

Researcher: Gurjeet Singh

Partner Company: P. Kruger Concrete Products Ltd.

Summary: Automating the design and drafting process is the first pillar of the industrialization of the building construction process or modularization. However, current manual drafting process is laborious and the results are prone to errors and difficult to update. Therefore, this research aims to investigate a new methodology that can automate and optimize the design and drafting process for the precast concrete panel production. The intelligent system is developed in order to automatically create a set of detailed shop drawings needed for the manufacturing process, and to reduce the human component involved in the drafting process. Also, delays and/or errors in information transfer between design and production that can result in hindered quality and reworks should be eliminated, with the reduction of the panel design and construction cost, and the improvement of the design and construction productivity. The intelligent computer program (Parametric Modelling Program) is developed as an Add-On for Autodesk Revit to automatically generate the shop drawings for precast concrete panels, by using Revit Application Programming Interface. Few screenshots for the developed add-on for automated design and drafting system are shown below. The routines and algorithms for designing and drafting precast wall panels are programmed and embedded into the system. The developed Revit Add-On taking an existing architecture model as input can produce a set of detailed shop drawings for the manufacture purpose, subjecting to the criteria and standards, such as the national building codes requirements. Besides, detailed manufacturing-oriented 3D BIM model is also automatically generated and can be used to obtain a thorough material take-off, which lays a foundation for the downstream analysis such as automated target cost and schedule analysis.





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