Landmark Homes

Develop a Simulation-Based Production Planning and Control System to Level the Manufacturing Process and Improve the Productivity of the Prefabrication of Panelized Home

PhD Student: Sadiq Altaf

Partner Company: Landmark Building Solutions

Time Period: Sept. 2012 to Aug. 2015

Summary: Time study has been conducted at all the stations of Landmark's wall production line and task time formula has been developed for each station. A simulation model has been developed in Simphony.NET based on process mapping and time study. RFID system has been successfully implemented in a part of the production line as a pilot system and a part of the simulation model has been validated based on actual production data. The panel sequencing based on PSO has also been tested. After implementing the RFID system in the entire production line, the simulation model will be validated for all the stations and the control system framework will also be tested. The panel sequencing based on simulation and PSO will be implemented at the actual production line to evaluate the productivity improvement from the panel sequencing.

To achieve this objective, following four tasks will be completed

  • Develop a framework for discrete-event simulation modeling of prefabricated panel production
  • Optimize the panel production sequence on a daily basis based on discrete-event simulation (DES) and Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) in order to reduce production time and balance the line
  • Develop a simulation-based optimization model to schedule the product mix for a specific period of time to reduce waiting time and delay
  • Integrate simulation model with real-time data collection system to develop a simulation-based production control system for the purpose of real-time performance update and analysis

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