NSERC Industrial Research Chair in the Industrialization of Building Construction

Graduate Students

Ammar Muhrez
Research field: BIM-based drafting and quantity take-off for modular manufacturing


Anas Itani
Research field: Automated machinery for prefab construction

Asif Mansoor
Research field: Artificial intelligence and machine learning in construction

Augusto Paniquar De Souto
Research field: Productivity improvement in construction manufacturing

Beda Barkokebas
Research field: Framework for BIM implementation for residential construction manufacturing and general contracting

Chelsea Ritter
Research field: Production line improvement in a modular home manufacturing plant  

Elnaz Kalantar
Research field:  

Fatima Alsakka 

Fatima Alsakka
Research field: Process improvement in modular construction  

Ghulam Muhammad Ali
Research field: Crane management and lifting operations, including economical solutions to rigging and heavy lifting and value engineering for heavy haulage

Jingwen (Karen) Wang
Research field: production line improvement and ergonomic risk assessment in construction manufacturing

Mengni Wang

Research field: 

Mohamed Karabij
Research field: Simulation and optimization of maintenance processes for underground pipe networks using neural network-based applications

Osama Mohsen
Research field: An integrated framework to support decision-making for time management in industrialized construction facilities using data-driven prediction techniques

Pablo Martinez
Research field: Automation and vision-based aided (or unaided) robotics

Raul Francisco Trevino Leal
Research field:

Regina Dias Barkokebas
Research field: Impacts of building codes on new housing and least-cost approaches to achieving code requirements

Md. Saiful Islam
Research field: Structural timber engineering and innovative building systems

Shuai Liu
Research field: Crane selection and operation for modular building


Wu (Eric) Zhang
Research field: Energy-efficient electrochromic smart windows

Xianfei (Walt) Yin
Research field: BIM and lean production analysis and improvement of a precast factory  

Yuxuan (Sherie) Zhang

Research field: BIM-based decision support for interior design