NSERC Industrial Research Chair in the Industrialization of Building Construction

Graduate Students

Ammar Muhrez
Research field: 
Anas Itani
Research field: Design, installation, testing, and commissioning of automated machines and production lines for wood, steel, and precast modular construction manufacturing
Asif Mansoor
Research field: Artificial intelligence and machine learning in construction
Beda Barkokebas
Research field: Framework for BIM implementation for residential construction manufacturing and general contracting
Chelsea Ritter
Research field: Production line improvement in a modular home manufacturing plant
Edgar Tamayo
Research field: Machine development for modular manufacturing
Ghulam Muhammad Ali
Research field: Crane management and lifting operations, including economical solutions to rigging and heavy lifting and value engineering for heavy haulage
Hamid Abaeian
Research field: Optimization of modular construction projects through the application of innovative tools and techniques
Hamid Abaeian
Harish Narayanaswamy
Research field: BIM based approach for the automation of cost estimation, scheduling, and designing in construction manufacturing
Jawad Ul-Haq
Research field: Robotics, Control Systems, and Engineering Management
Jingwen (Karen) Wang
Research field: production line improvement and ergonomic risk assessment in construction manufacturing
Lana Secchi
Research field: Energy efficiency in the Canadian housing market
Mahmud Abushwereb
Research field: Using building information modelling (BIM) technology to improve the productivity of design and drafting for manufacturing
Mohammad Darwish
Research field: 
Nan Zhang
Research field: Developing construction manufacturing design and drafting using BIM
Nan Zhang Osama Mohsen
Research field: Operation optimization on construction sites and manufacturing facilities
Pablo Martinez
Research field: Automation and vision-based aided (or unaided) robotics
Regina Dias Ferreira
Research field: Impacts of building codes on new housing and least-cost approaches to achieving code requirements
Robert Prybysh
Research field: Quantification of potable water as a hydronic medium in multi-unit residential and light commercial buildings
Ryan Brown
Research field: Offsite and modular construction processes
Ryan Brown
SangJun Ahn
Research field: Productivity optimization in modular construction
Shuai Liu
Research field: Crane selection and operation for modular building
Xianfei (Walt) Yin
Research field: BIM and lean production analysis and improvement of a precast factory
Yichen Tian
Research field: Construction automation, 3D modelling, and the automation of the design process
Yining Wang
Research field: Cost estimation of modular construction based on BIM technology and simulation tools
Yining Wang Yuan Chen
Research field: Urban planning and seniors housing