Fatima Alsakka

Research Interests

Fatima’s research focuses on digitization in modular construction. As she completes her studies in Construction Engineering and Management, she will work with an IRC industry partner on deploying digital solutions in construction manufacturing to leverage the benefits of recent technological advancements.


Fatima has a Bachelor's degree in Construction Engineering and a Master's degree in Civil Engineering from the American University of Beirut. Fatima has experience in business analytics where her focus was on optimizing daily business operations related to inbound logistics, warehouse operations, office operations and customer service.


  • Bachelor of Science, Construction Engineering (2016), American University of Beirut, Lebanon
  • Master of Civil Engineering (2018), American University of Beirut, Lebanon


Book chapters

  • Alsakka, F., Khalife, S., Darwish, M., Al-Hussein, M., and Mohamed, Y. “Deploying discrete-event simulation and continuous improvement to enhance modular construction production.” Accepted (Jun., 2020) for publication in Proceedings, Winter Simulation Conference, Orlando, FL, USA, Dec. 13–16.
  • Malaeb, Z., AlSakka, F., & Hamzeh, F. (2019). 3D Concrete Printing: Machine Design, Mix Proportioning, and Mix Comparison Between Different Machine Setups. In 3D Concrete Printing Technology (pp. 115–136). Butterworth-Heinemann.

Journal papers

  • Assaad, J.J.; Abou Yassin, A.; Alsakka, F.; Hamzeh, F. (2020). A Modular Approach for Steel Reinforcing of 3D Printed Concrete—Preliminary Study. Sustainability 2020,  12, 4062.
  • Yassin, A. A., Hamzeh, F., & Al Sakka, F. (2020). Agent Based Modeling to Optimize Workflow of Robotic Steel and Concrete 3D Printers. Automation in Construction, 110, 103040.
  • El Sakka, F., Assaad, J. J., Hamzeh, F. R., & Nakhoul, C. (2019). Thixotropy and interfacial bond strengths of polymer-modified printed mortars. Materials and Structures, 52(4), 79.
  • AlSakka, F., Senan, M. H., Yassin, A. A., & Hamzeh, F. (2019). Path Optimization in 3D Concrete Printing to Minimize Weak Bonds Formation. Periodica Polytechnica. Architecture, 50(2), 163–168.
  • Hamzeh, F., Zankoul, E., & El Sakka, F. (2016). Removing Constraints to Make Tasks Ready in Weekly Work Planning. Procedia Engineering, 164, 68–74.

Conference papers

  • El Sakka, F., Senan, M., Abou Yassine, A, Hamzeh, F. (2018). Optimizing 3D printing path to minimize the formation of weak bonds. In Proceedings, Creative Construction Conference, July 2018, Ljubljana, Slovenia. pp. 181–188
  • El Sakka, F. & Hamzeh, F. (2017). 3d concrete printing in the service of lean construction. In Proceedings, 25th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction, July 2017, Heraklion, Greece, pp. 781–788.
  • Sakka, F., Eid, K., Narciss, T. & Hamzeh, F. (2016). Integrating lean into modular construction: A detailed case study of Company X. In Proceedings, 24th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction, July 2016, Boston, MA, USA, pp. 20–22.
  • Abou Yassine, A., Hamzeh, F., Al Sakka, F., Al-Hussein, H. (2018). Simulating the workflow of industrial robotic steel and concrete 3D printers to build organic shaped structures. In Proceedings, Creative Construction Conference, July 2018, Ljubljana, Slovenia. pp. 90–97.

Fatima Alsakka

PhD Student
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
5-362 Donadeo Innovation Centre for Engineering