NSERC Industrial Research Chair in the Industrialization of Building Construction

SangJun Ahn


Jun has an industry background in project and construction management, managing BIM modelling subcontractors and successfully reducing clashes between various processes. He also has experience in the optimization of electricity and natural gas usage in an effort to reduce energy consumption. Furthermore, while at the University of Wisconsin, SangJun participated in a feasibility assessment on sustainable waterway canal development and conducted engineering analysis on the performance of chloramine in distribution systems.

Current Research Interests:

SangJun is currently focused on optimizing productivity in modular construction.


  • Master of Science, Environmental Engineering (2012), University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Illinois, USA


  1. Ahn, S., Han, S., and Al-Hussein, M. “A 2D drawing visualization framework for applying projection-based augmented reality in a panelized construction manufacturing facility: Proof of concept.” Accepted (Jan., 2019) for publication in Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering.

  2. Ahn, S.J., Altaf, M.S., Han, S., and Al-Hussein, M. (2017). “Machine learning application of the logistics cost estimation in the panelized construction.” Proceedings, Modular and Offsite Construction (MOC) Summit, Shanghai, China, Nov. 9–12, pp. 216–223.

  3. Ahn, S., Han, S., and Al-Hussein, M. (2016). “Recovery time analysis of back muscle fatigue in panelized residential modular construction factory.” Proceedings, Modular and Offsite Construction (MOC) Summit, Edmonton, AB, Canada, Sep. 29–Oct. 1, pp. 224–231.

SangJun Ahn

PhD Candidate
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
5-362.53 Donadeo Innovation Centre for Engineering