NSERC Industrial Research Chair in the Industrialization of Building Construction

Wu (Eric) Zhang

Current Research



  • BSc, Petroleum Engineering (2017), University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


Workshop Technician Sinopec, China June-August 2015

  • Monitored the operation condition of oil refinery equipment through computers and instruments
  • Production chain troubleshooting
  • General inspection of the oil refinery equipment
  • Data analysis (Excel)

Project Services Coop Student Enbridge Pipelines Inc, AB September-December 2014

  • Modified a model used for budget estimation
  • Analyzed data in Excel and drew graphs in Visio
  • Created and administrated team site on Sharepoint
  • Organized files and reports
  • Attended meetings and shared ideas about estimation of project budget

Research Assistant to Dr. Aminah Robinson Fayek, University of Alberta July-August 2014

  • Collected data from construction industry (Civil Engineering).
  • Analyzed experimental data and input data into database.
  • Drafted reports depending on analyzed data
  • Authored a database user manual 


  • Zhang, W., Li, H., Al-Hussein, M., and Elezzabi, A.Y. “Electrochromic battery displays with energy retrieval functions using solution-processable colloidal vanadium oxide nanoparticles.” Accepted (Oct., 2019) for publication in Advanced Optical Materials.
  • Zhang, W., Li, H., Firby, C.J., Al-Hussein, M., and Elezzabi, A.Y. (2019). “Oxygen vacancy tunable electrochemical properties of electrodeposited molybdenum oxide films.” Applied Materials and Interfaces, 11, 20378–20385.

Wu (Eric) Zhang

MSc student
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering