Wu (Eric) Zhang

Current Research


  • BSc, Petroleum Engineering (2017), University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


Workshop Technician Sinopec, China June-August 2015

  • Monitored the operation condition of oil refinery equipment through computers and instruments
  • Production chain troubleshooting
  • General inspection of the oil refinery equipment
  • Data analysis (Excel)

Project Services Coop Student Enbridge Pipelines Inc, AB September-December 2014

  • Modified a model used for budget estimation
  • Analyzed data in Excel and drew graphs in Visio
  • Created and administrated team site on Sharepoint
  • Organized files and reports
  • Attended meetings and shared ideas about estimation of project budget

Research Assistant to Dr. Aminah Robinson Fayek, University of Alberta July-August 2014

  • Collected data from construction industry (Civil Engineering).
  • Analyzed experimental data and input data into database.
  • Drafted reports depending on analyzed data
  • Authored a database user manual


  • Zhang, W., Li, H., Al-Hussein, M., and Elezzabi, A.Y. (2020). "Electrochromic battery displays with energy retrieval functions using solution-processable colloidal vanadium oxide nanoparticles." Advanced Optical Materials, 8(2), 1901224, 8 pages.
  • Zhang, W., Li, H., Firby, C.J., Al-Hussein, M., and Elezzabi, A.Y. (2019). "Oxygen vacancy tunable electrochemical properties of electrodeposited molybdenum oxide films." Applied Materials and Interfaces, 11, 20378-20385.

Wu (Eric) Zhang

MSc student
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering