NSERC Industrial Research Chair in the Industrialization of Building Construction

Yichen Tian

Research Interests

Yichen’s areas of research interest include construction automation, 3D modelling, and the automation of the design process.


Yichen completed a Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering at the University of Alberta. She has experience as a research assistant at the University of Alberta in a study encompassing surfactant influence on super-hydrophobic surfaces. Additionally, Yichen has strong working knowledge in several software programs, including Solidworks, CMG, Matlab and Accumap.

Current Research

Currently, Yichen is participating in the Wood Framing Table Prototype project.


  • Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering (2016), University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada


  1. Wang, J., Yin, X., Tian, Y., Li, X., and Al-Hussein, M. (2018). “Simulation of production line improvements in panelised floor manufacturing.” Proceedings, European Modeling and Simulation Symposium, Budapest, Hungary, Sep. 17–19, pp. 157–164.

Yichen Tian

MSc Student
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
5-362.27 Donadeo Innovation Centre for Engineering