Institute for Oil Sands Innovation (IOSI)

Bimetallic Catalysts For Low Pressure Ring Openings

Nowadays, the refining industry faces the significant challenges of a simultaneous decrease in the quality of crude oils and increase in demand for the best fuels possible. A catalytic ring opening of naphthenes is a preferred reaction for improving the cetane number of fuels. Noble metal catalysts, prepared via traditional impregnation-calcination techniques, discredit themselves due to their low sulfur resistance. Recent successes in the synthesis of well-defined catalytic nanoparticles of desirable sizes and structures have opened unprecedented opportunities for catalytic technologies since catalytic properties may change dramatically (e.g., by an order of magnitude in activity) with only a 1-nm difference in a particle size. This project intends to develop a robust bimetallic ring opening catalyst via precise control of the bimetallic nanoparticle structure and size.=

Principal Investigator: Natalia Semagina
Research Team: Cindy-Xing Yin, Jin Shen, Kavithaa Loganathan

Project Number: COSI 2009-05
Close Date: March 31, 2011

Transmission electron microscopy image of monodispersed metal nanoparticles developed for the ring-opening reaction. The synthesis was performed by Jing Shen; the image was recorded by Kavithaa Loganathan.

Natalia Semagina
University of Alberta