Institute for Oil Sands Innovation (IOSI)

Bitumen Pre-Treatment and Solvent Assisted Extraction by Cracking, Contaminants Adsorption and Solvent Generation with Single Pass, Low Cost Catalysts

Our research aims to lower or eliminate the need for expensive solvents in pipelining unprocessed oil sands, as well as lessen the costs for removal of unwanted sulfur, nitrogen and metals. Our approach is to use naturally occurring zeolite minerals as low-cost additives for enhancing the quality of bitumen. If the cost is low enough, then these materials could be used once and then discarded. Depending on the pre-treatment of the zeolite minerals, the benefits of this strategy may include cracking of the bitumen to reduce viscosity, reduction in the density of the product, removal of vanadium, and reduction in nitrogen content.

Principal Investigator: Steve Kuznicki
Research Team: William McCaffrey, Abu Saleh Muhammad, Wei Wang, Chris Street, Weizhu An, Gonzalo Rocha Aguilera

Project Number: COSI 2007-01
Close Date: March 31, 2010

Steve Kuznicki
University of Alberta