Institute for Oil Sands Innovation (IOSI)

Tailings Process Fundamentals

COSI 2009-01: Use of Acoustic Energy for De-Watering of Dense, Solid-Rich Clay Suspensions in Oil Sands: Phase 1 - Characterization of Dynamic Pressure Fields
David Nobes - University of Alberta

COSI 2009-02: Oilsands Surface Chemistry Studied by IR-Visible Sum Frequency Generation Vibrational Spectroscopy
Keng Chou - University of British Columbia

COSI 2009-03: Biological Treatment of Naphthenic Acids in Oil Sand Wastewaters in an Immobilized Soil Bioreactor
Juliana Ramsay - Queen’s University at Kingston

COSI 2009-09: Methyl Mannose Polysaccharides as Naphthenic Acid Extraction Agents
Todd Lowary - University of Alberta

COSI 2012-01: Oil sands surface chemistry studied by IR-visible sum frequency generation vibrational spectroscopy
Keng Chang Chou - UBC

COSI 2012-02: Direct simulations of mixing and aggregation in dense solid-liquid suspensions
Jos Derksen - DELFT University, The Netherlands

COSI 2012-03: Slope prediction and optimization of the dry stacking of tailings in the oil sands industry
Sean Sanders - University of Alberta

COSI 2012-04: Two-Stage Chemicals Treatment for Tailings Slurry Dewatering
Qi Liu - University of Alberta

COSI 2012-05: New amphiphilic polymers as versatile flocculants for oil‐sand tailings water
Julian Zhu - University of Montreal

COSI 2012-07: Effect of Polyethylene Oxide Dissolution States on the Dewatering of Oilsands Tailings
Qi Liu - University of Alberta

COSI 2012-10:Spectral sensing and robotic sampling tools for standoff characterization and monitoring of sub-aerial oil sands tailings deposits
Benoit Rivard - University of Alberta

COSI 2013-01: Geopolymerization and mineral hydration to strengthen oil sands tailings sludge
Qi Liu - University of Alberta

COSI 2013-02: Poly (N-isopropylacrylamide)-Based Microgels as Porous Scaffolds for Methyl Mannose Polysaccharide Immobilization: Toward Effective Removal of Naphthenic Acids from Oil Sands Process Water
Michael Serpe - University of Alberta