Institute for Oil Sands Innovation (IOSI)

Methyl Mannose Polysaccharides as Naphthenic Acid Extraction Agents

With this project, we propose a new approach for removing Naphthenic Acids (NAs) from aqueous solutions (tailing ponds) using naturally occurring carbohydrates termed methyl mannose polysaccharides (MMPs), or their fragments. Since MMPs have a very high affinity for lipids, we hypothesize that these carbohydrates could be used to remediate water contaminated with hydrophobic NAs.

Principal Investigator: Todd Lowary
Research Team: John Klassen, Rik Tykwinski, Mohamed Changalov, Lan Liu, Xia Li

Project Number: COSI 2009-09
Projected Completion Date: May 31, 2011

Todd Lowary
University of Alberta