John M. Shaw - Professor / Principal Investigator - Petroleum Thermodynamics Research Group

Thesis Publications

Remy, Quentin, "On The Application of SAFT to Model Fluid-Fluid Behavior of Solvent + Non-Adsorbing Polymer + Nanoparticle Mixtures", 2018 MSc.

Chowdhury, Sourav, "Phase Diagrams for Asphaltene and Asphaltene-Rich Hydrocarbons+ Polystyrene + Toluene Mixtures", 2018 MSc.

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Kumar, Anupam, "The Interaction between Depletion Flocculation and Molecular Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation Mechanisms", 2018 MSc. 

Huang, Xinci, "Mimicking the Behaviours of Oil Contaminated Clays Using Functionalized Silica Nanoparticles", 2017 MSc.

Boutros Jenny, "Developing High Precision Heat Capacity Correlations for Organic Solids and Liquids - Extending to Biofuels and Sugars", 2017 MSc

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Sood, Sahil, "Liquid to Liquid-Liquid Transitions: Impact on the Apparent Viscosity of Model Hydrocarbon + “Solvent” Mixtures", 2017 MSc.

Stewart, Robert Alexander, "Beyond Viscosity—How Density, Vibration and Interfacial Tension Affect Solvent Aided Bitumen Production", 2016 Ph.D.

Pourmohammadbagher, Amin, "Effects of Surface Contamination and Water Chemistry on the Behaviors of Illite, Kaolinite and Monotmorillonite in Organic and Aqueous Media", 2016 Ph.D.

Ahitan, Sourabh, "Phase Behavior Modeling of Asymmetric n-Alkane + Aromatic and Naphthenic Hydrocarbon Mixtures", 2016 MSc.

Jamieson, Marnie V., "Application of Blended and Active Learning to Chemical Engineering Design Instruction", 2015 MSc. 

Dini, Yoann, "Phase Behavior and Thermophysical Properties of Peace River Bitumen + Propane mixtures", 2015 MSc.

Ollinger, Jeoffrey, "On Mimicking Nano-particulate Behaviors of Asphaltenes in Solution and at Interfaces", 2015 MSc.

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Wang, Kejie, "On separation and Composition of Liquid Crystals in Athabasca Bitumen", 2015 MSc.

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Qin, Chuan, "On Organic Liquid Crystal Transfer from Bitumen-Rich to Water-Rich Phases: A Combined Laboratory and SAGD Field Study", 2014 MSc

Rajaeirad, Sepideh, "On Integrating Element Based Heat Capacity Correlations into Process Simulation Software - Tackling Pseudo Component Definition", 2013 MSc

Dagostar, Nafiseh, "Predicting Liquid Phase Heat Capacity of Ill-defined Materials", 2013 Ph.D.

Nikooyeh, Kasra, "Phase Behavior of Asphaltenes in Organic Media", 2012 Ph.D.

Laštovka, Vaclav, "Prediction of heat capacity of ideal gases and of crystalline phases", 2012 Ph.D. (Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT) Prague) - Copyright belongs to ICT, Prague.

Bagheri, Reza S., "Mesophase Formation in Heavy Oil", 2012 Ph.D.

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Saber, Nima, "Phase Behaviour Prediction for Ill-Defined Hydrocarbon Mixtures", 2011 Ph.D.

Hasan, MD. Anwarul, "Rheological Behavior and Nano-Microstructure of Complex Fluids:  Biomedical and Bitumen-Heavy Oil Applications", 2010 Ph.D.

Amundaraín, Jesús,  "Characterization of Athabasca asphaltenes separated physically and chemically using small-angle X-ray scattering", 2010 MSc

Ardalan, Sadighian, "Mass Transfer between Pentane and Heavy Hydrocarbons" , 2009 MSc 

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Zhao, Bei,  "High Temperature Behaviours of Asphaltene Aggregates in Heavy Feedstocks and in Mixtures with Diluents", 2008 Ph.D.

Xing, Cheng,  "Sorption of Athabasca Vacuum Residue on Acidic, Neutral and Basic Surfaces", 2008 MSc

McFarlane, Richard A.,  "Evaluation of New Co-Volume Mixing Rules for the Peng-Robinson Equation of State", 2007 MSc

Andoni Autrich, co-supervised with Dr. Carlos Lira - Mexican Institute of Petroleum (IMP), 2007, Ph.D. Copyright belongs to IMP.

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