Transportation Engineering and City of Edmonton to expand ACTIVE in new partnership project

Transportation Engineering and the City of Edmonton are set to develop ACTIVE, Canada's first connected vehicle technology testbed, as part of the international MetroLab Network partnership between the City and the University of Alberta.

12 November 2019

As one of three core urban innovation projects, transportation engineers will focus on Connected Vehicle application development and testing, applied research, and industry product testing through the expansion of ACTIVE.

Located along key arteries of Edmonton's roadway network, ACTIVE provides real-world test zones, combined with laboratory settings at the University, for Intelligent Transportation Systems within the City of Edmonton.

Dr. Karim El-Basyouny, the City of Edmonton's Research Chair in Urban Traffic Safety at the University of Alberta and a key member of the transportation engineering team, represented the project at the launch. He explained that through ACTIVE "conditions can be customized to simulate various traffic situations to provide a better understanding of how this technology can be applied to the City of Edmonton, in terms of energy and climate, health and safety policies and procedures, as well as its mandate to address economic resilience."

The MetroLab Network is an international program aimed at bringing together municipal level government and university research institutions to promote urban innovation. The ACTIVE expansion is one of three projects to be selected for the MetroLab Partnership, the first of its kind in Canada.